Why DesNav?



Enhance your navigational skills with the tasks required to complete the DesNav Mission.



Get acquainted with the off-road community in the UAE. It’s bigger than you have imagined.



You learn something new with every trip, The DesNav will teach you something special.

Driving Skill


Experience in DesNav a memorable adventure bursting with off-road action.



During DesNav you will learn the importance of working together as a team to achieve results.

Team Work


DesNav location features a desert terrain and animal life you rarely see around the UAE.

New Terrain


The Key to success is good communication; learn more on commun techniques with DesNav.



Winners receive cash voucher, give away gifts, and much more from our generous sponsors.

Give Aways

The Challenge is on

Official registration has now closed but if you still want to join in this exciting event, please contact us and we will concidre your request. 

Your fist challenge is ready, you now need to program your GPS device to be able to reach the start point of the event. to do so please download the appropriate track file for your GPS device

The Coordinates and tracks are in GPX & KMZ format. 


Descreption: you will find track and waypoints together in one file that you will need to drive from the entrance gate to the start point. We recommend you deflate your tires before you drive on this track to the starting point. the track is 95% catch road and 5% small dunes. The GPX format provided is compatible with all navigational device. Please contact us if you face any dificulties with the file. The most important piece of information is where you need to be and at what time.  The entry point to DesNav 2016 is Northing 2602370 | Easting 0779904 with the start and finish at Northing 2598715 | Easting 0765641.  The nearest ADNOC is at Madinat Zayed which is at Northing 2618935 | Easting 0775783.  Please note that these coordinates are given in UTM Zone 39 Q, WGS84 Datum.

Click Here to view the camp site layout

Click Here to Download Desnav 2016 Instruction pack


The timings for the event are as follows:

7.00am – 9am                  Registration and safety check of all cars

9am – 9.30am                  Welcome introduction, safety briefing and distribution of coordinates

9.30am                              Event starts

5pm - 5:45PM                   All teams must return to base camp

6pm                                   Awards Ceremony





Check list:

  1. I have packed all my gear and stocked enough food and water for the day.
  2. I have arranged to carry with me 20L to 40L of extra fuel for the event
  3. I'm equipped with all safety equipment (Please read our FAQ # 6 for more information. Cars with missing equipment will be penalised or even disqualified.)
  4. I have printed the application form that i have received via email on registration.
  5. I have packed my camping gear (applicable to people who are camping the night with the desnav team on Friday. all are welcome to join)
  6. I have checked out the guides on how to your a GPS device for beginners and advance (Click here to view it now)


Dear Navigators and scouts,

Dear Navigators and scouts,
Only a few days left for the challenge and the 2016 Desnav team would like you to know that we are here to assist you with any information you need to help prepare yourself for the challenge. An Email with the meeting point on Friday morning will be sent to all team leaders on Tuesday 1:00 AM. The coordinates and the track to the starting point will also be posted here on the Desnav Website on Tuesday morning as well. 
Please note that we are expecting fog on the way to the meeting point on Friday morning so please allow yourself enough time to drive safely. We also recommend staying at a Hotel in Madinat Zayed or camping with the Desnav team the night before to save yourself a long trip on the day of the challenge.   
Please don’t forget to print and fill the Agreement document sent to your email once you have registered online for the challenge and feel free to contact us for any clarifications.
The Desnav Team

Desnav 2016 is here

Are you up to meeting with likeminded sand addicted people, in the middle of nowhere, enjoying the middle of nowhere? Yes? Well great as this is your top event for the 2016 offroad season: The DesNav 2016.

We, the organization committee under the umbrella of AD4x4, invite you and your club members to join us in a unique experience in a shared event. This is the second event for all offroad enthusiasts in the UAE, so no matter which offroad club you belong to and what flag/colors you are flying, you are more than welcome to participate.

The DesNav 2016 gives you the opportunity to experience a desert adventure in a wonderfully intact desert area which is not noted in any trip book. No matter what level you consider yourself - whether a navigation professional or not - with our two categories of driving levels for the DesNav 2016 available (Scout and Navigator), you will find the right quest for your skill levels.

This is a chance for you to compare your capabilities and go for the rewards, the participation goodies and the top level prizes donated by our high profile sponsors.

Are you in? In addition to having your members sign up for this event we also welcome three members of your club to be involved with the scoring committee and the support team for the event. Please contact the organizers for further information.

Date: 29/01/2016

Reg End: 23/01/2016

Time: 7:00AM till sun set

Location: UAE desert


A technical driving and navigational challenge planned in an area of 20km square. The event will involve a significant amount of physical and mental work in addition to planning and superb team work, to complete the mission of the challenge. Participants will have to accomplish the following:

a. Understand the difference between various GPS formats

b. Operate a GPS device and input coordinates

c. Read the desert terrain off a map and decide on a route

d. Read coordinates from a geographical map using primitive tools

e. Navigate in a wide area with two other team members

f. Drive through some very tough terrain in the desert

g. Meet the deadlines!Dear Off-roaders,

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2012 DesNav Winners


Navigators category

1st Place - Future Team

2nd Place - Al Jawaher

3rd Place - Whassup!

Scouts Category

1st Place - MotorTech

2nd Place - Red Dunes

3rd Place - WTF!


2011 DesNav Winners


"Congratulations to the Winners of the previous DesNav, a job well done!"



Des Nav is the best learning experience you can be a part of in the off-road community today.

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